SAFEX Tempered Patterned Glass for Solar Panels

The Glass:
Photovoltaic modules are being perfected continuously in order to increase their energy yield and reduce their prices. Has developed high-transmittance glass with a special surface pattern to help achieve this aim.

The Surface Pattern Glass:
The front glass has a deep pyramidal pattern with the edges and corners blended. The very low iron coated of the glass material increases its energy and light transmittance.

The Effect:
The pyramidal pattern described above reduces the major source of solar energy loss at the air-glass interface. The solar radiation incident on the glass surface is not reflected back into the air but rather inside the glass. The light is refracted on another face of the pattern and thus part of the radiation which (with plain glass) is normally lost to the environment is reflected back onto the solar cell (internal trapping). This increases the radiation quantity incident on the cell and subsequently the energy yield.


  Heat treated and tempered for extra strength and toughness.
  Five time stronger than ordinary glass.
  Disintegrates into harmless granules on impact.
  It can withstand heat (temperature 230 degree centigrade) without softening.



Specification of Patterned Toughened Glass for Solar Application :

  Maximum Size : 1260mm x 2440mm
  Minimum Size : 300mm x 300mm
  Thickness : 3.2mm and 4mm


Technical Details

  Fully automatic computerized edging machines, ensure a very superior quality pencil edge, straight off the production line.
  A high quality tempering line will temper the glass after automatic washing of the finely edged sheet.
  Tempering will be done in accordance to all Internationally accepted standards, including European Tempering Standard EN | 2150 for solar applications in Photovoltaic panels, Flat plate collectors and Green houses.
  Rigorous quality control at every stage and the purest raw materials guarantee the finest quality.
  Packing as per customers’ requirements after final inspection at the end of tempering line. - Hindustan Glass Works Ltd.

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