Safex Laminated Glass

Safex Laminated glass is a sandwich of two sheets of glass with a special plastic interlayer like Poly-Vinyl-Butryl (PVB) in between binded together under heat and pressure. Depending upon the lamination process, laminated glass provides the best protection against injury as the glass pieces stick to the PVB upon breakage.

Applications :

  Skylights     Glass Roofs
    Canopies     Glass building
    Shopping malls     Hospitals
    Jewellery shop     Libraries
    Banks     Schools
    Walkways     Museums
    Aquarium     Airport terminals
    Observatory windows     Farm houses
    Stair side panels     Partitions
    Stations and Ticket window     Showroom display


  Safex Laminated Glass, after breakage tends to remain intact on the frame.
  Laminated Glass through PVB provides many other benefits like penetration resistance against burglars, fire retardancy, better design versatility, no visual distortion, safety and security, shatter proof, UV protection up to 99%, solar and thermal control, sound reduction, natural disaster.



  Maximum Size for Annealed glass :
    2500mm x 4500mm
  Maximum Size for Toughened glass :
    2440mm x 3660mm
  Minimum Size :
    300mm x 420mm
  PVB Thickness :
    0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.14mm, 1.52mm or any
    other on demand
  Glass Thickness which can be laminated :
    3mm to 19mm
  Glass Colour :
    Clear, milky, (colour on demand)


  If both the glasses are annealed, Safex Laminated can be cut, drilled, bevelled, deep etched and acid treated.
  Water will cause the interlayer to turn white. Ensure the edges of laminated glass must not be exposed to prolonged use of water and that the sealant should always be water resistant.
  Always use compatible sealants only during installation as organic solvents attack the interlayer. - Hindustan Glass Works Ltd.

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