Safex Heat Strengthened Glass

Safex Safex Heat Strengthened glass is a semi tempered glass which retains the normal properties of raw glass with the exceptional strength and breakage characteristics. The glass is processed in horizontal furnace in which approximately 650C is maintained to beat up the raw glass, and cooling cycles being less. This process is generally similar to heat temperatures being lower and cooling cycles being less rapid.

Applications :

  Spandrel Glass
    High rise buildings
    Commercial/ residential complex
    Insulating glass units
    Glass Facades
    Structural glazing


  Safex Heat Strengthened glass is approximately two to three times stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness.
  It breaks into large pieces and remains in window frames.
  It provides resistance to thermal stress associated with high performance glazing material such as Low-e glass, reflective glass and tinted glass.
  It provides less optical distortion.



  Maximum Size : 2440mm x 3660mm

  Minimum Size : 300mm x 300mm

  Thickness : 3.5mm to 19mm

  Glass Type : Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low-E


  Once Heat Strengthened the glass cannot be cut, drilled, bevelled, deep etched or any kind of acid treatment.
  As Heat treated, bow, wrap or process roller mark distorted may be evident. This is within limits set by ASTM standard.
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