Safex Heat Soaked Glass

Safex Tempering process increased the strength of glass many folds, offering a greater resistance to breakage. On rare occasions, solid glass shatters due to the presence of microscopic additions, Nickel-Sulphide. NiS stones, which occasionally and randomly form in glass during primary glass manufacturing, become unstable when the glass is tempered. Over a period, these unstable stones could expand inside the glass due to temperature variation at site, causing the entire glass to break. Therefore the concept of heat-soaking is defined as the transfer of potential on - site breakage to breakage in the factor under a controlled process of accelerating the inversion of the Nickel-Sulphide inclusions, will break during this heat soaking process. Chance of breakage in solid glass is greatly minimised, if the glasses are head soak tested after toughening.

Applications :

  Shower Enclosures   Staircases   Extreme wind load area
    Fire place enclosures   Shower screen   Frameless Glass Partition
    Glass Facades   Structural glazing   Escalator side panels
    Windows & Tabletop   Shop fronts   Rear side wall of sport courts


  Safex Heat Soaked Glass is approximately four to five times stronger than annealed glass of equal thickness.
  Unlike ordinary glass which breaks into sharp harmful pieces, Safex Heat Soaked Glass breaks into small harmless fragments.
  Heat Soaked Glass is treated as Safe Glass as per European Standard.
  In Heat Soaked Glass Any chances of spontaneous breakage is almost nil.



  Maximum Size : 2440mm x 3660mm

  Minimum Size : 300mm x 300mm

  Thickness : 3.5mm to 19mm

  Glass Type : Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low-E, Figured/ Patterned


  Once toughened the glass cannot be cut, drilled, bevelled, deep etched or acid treated in any kind.
  Strain pattern is not a defect, this is a common characteristic of all tempered glass. This is visible when toughened glass is viewed at sharp angles or under certain lighting conditions.
  Spontaneous breakage is a result of impact damage, internal inclusions, wild splatter or windblown debris. Where this breakage is a concern, heat strengthened/ heat soaked glass should be considered.
  As toughened glass is heat treated, bow, wrap or roller mark distorted may be evident. This is within limits set by ASTM standard. - Hindustan Glass Works Ltd.

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