Safex Decorative Ceramic Printed Glass

Safex Decorative Ceramic Printed Glass is available with many design customer needed on toughened, insulating or laminated glass. This results in additional strength and beauty.

Applications :

  Skylights     Glass Roofs
    Canopies     Glass building
    Shopping malls     Hospitals
    Jewellery shop     Libraries
    Banks     Schools
    Walkways     Museums
    Aquarium     Airport terminals
    Observatory windows     Farm houses
    Stair side panels     Partitions
    Stations and Ticket window     Showroom display


  Safex Decorative Ceramic Printed Glass looks more beautiful with properties of its base glass type.


  Maximum Size : 2440mm x 3660mm
  Minimum Size : 300mm x 300mm
  Thickness : 3.5mm to 19mm


  Design once printed cannot be redesigned without cleaning overall the glass. - Hindustan Glass Works Ltd.

'SAFEX' is specialized for excellent quality in production of Tempered Glass, Insulating Glass, Laminated Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass, ....