Safex Bullet Resistant Glass

Safex Bullet-resistant glass is usually manufactured by strong but transparent poly carbonate and poly urethane in addition to normal laminating process. The desired result is a material with an appearance and light-transmitting behaviour of standard glass but offers varying degrees of protection from bullets depending upon the configuration of glass. This results in additional strength, resistance to thermal stress, and impact resistance.

Applications :

  Jewellery shop
    Showroom display windows
    High security buildings
    Defence vehicles
    Military installations
    Shop fronts


  Bullet resistant glass is designed to withstand one or several rounds of bullets depending on the thickness of the glass and the weapon being fired at it.
  The fragments flying of the glass on impact of bullet are minimal thus causing no damage.
  At first glance, bullet-resistant glass looks identical to an ordinary pane of glass, having complete optical clarity and light transmission.



  The first layer of glass may shatter when the bullet hits its, however the next layer of polycarbonate is more elastic so it moves when the bullet hits it which dissipates the energy of the bullet horizontally. This takes the energy away from the bullet showing it down. If enough energy is taken from the bullet it will eventually stop it from passing through.



  Degree of resistance should be specified

Level 1 9mm Full metal copper jacket with lead core
Level 2 0.357 Magnum jacketed lead soft point
Level 3 0.44 Magnum lead semi-wad cutter gas checked
Level 4 0.30 mm Caliber Rife lead core soft point
Level 5 7.62 mm Rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military ball
Level 6 9mm Full metal copper jacket with lead core
Level 7 5.56mm Rifle full metal copper jacket with lead core
Level 8 7.62mm Rifle lead core full metal copper jacket, military
Level 1 - Hindustan Glass Work Ltd.

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