Safex Automotive Glass

In automotive glass segment Safex has stood for quality, safety and security, being OEM supplier to automobile manufacturers. Products of Safex not only are ISI marked but also its automotive glasses are Emarked, thus conforming to European standards. This results in additional strength, resistance to thermal stress, and impact resistance.

Applications :

    Trucks, Lorries etc.
    Three Wheelers


  Improved Safety
  Theft Protection
  Overall Environment comfort, be it thermal, visual or acoustic



  Maximum Size : 2440mm x 3660mm

  Minimum Size : 300mm x 300mm

  Thickness : 3.5mm to 19mm

  Glass Type : Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Low-E, Figured/ Patterned


  Once toughened the glass cannot be cut, drilled, bevelled, deep etched or acid treated in any kind.
  Strain pattern is not a defect, this is a common characteristic of all tempered glass. This is visible when toughened glass is viewed at sharp angles or under certain lighting conditions.
  Spontaneous breakage is a result of impact damage, internal inclusions, wild splatter or windblown debris. Where this breakage is a concern, heat strengthened/ heat soaked glass should be considered.
  As toughened glass is heat treated, bow, wrap or roller mark distorted may be evident. This is within limits set by ASTM standard. - Hindustan Glass Works Ltd.

'SAFEX' is specialized for excellent quality in production of Tempered Glass, Insulating Glass, Laminated Glass, Heat Strengthened Glass, ....